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PA Extra MX ARF Green


Wingspan: 1,472mm / 58 in
Length: 1316.5mm / 51.83 in
Flying weight (including batteries): approx 1750g / 61.7oz /3.85lb
Wing area: 721 sq inch
Wing loading: 12oz/sq.ft

Drive System

Motor: PA Thrust 50 outrunner
ESC: PA Quantum 70A ESC
Battery: 2x PA Lipo pack 11.1V 2200mAh 20-40c


In PA tradition, we approached this design from a fresh view point, asking ourselves (and our customers) what would make this ship the best available in its class. The answer lies in the performance, which is a direct result of the design and the matching drive system.


Keeping our airframes light and rigid was always a target for us, but with the Extra MX we have broken all records!

While the Extra MX features a larger wing area than most of the airframes available in this size category it is at least 20oz lighter than its competitors, yet is it one of the robust models around. 


Its iPAs package features the most powerful yet most economical set up possible.

In this age of EP models practically any flyer owns a couple of 2200mah 3S packs.

Unlike other models in this category, we designed our Extra to be powered by those exact packs, so you don’t need to get a new charger or buy a battery that is dedicated to only one model in your hangar.


We have developed our new PA Thrust 50 motor and PA Quantum 70 ESC with a switching BEC together with the new Extra MX as a whole system that makes the MX extremely responsive providing absolute control, extreme performance and predictability, so you are able to get out of the most difficult situations with ease. All of these without having to make a costly investment for a demanding power setup essential on other heavier models. The two PA 2200mAh allow safe 6 minutes of aggressive 3D/Freestyle flight.


With its fully air-foiled control surfaces, the MX delivers both exciting high speed precision and tumbling as well as some of the best slow speed and 3D controllability available. If you want to practice precision or IMAC flying the Extra MX has the feel of a much larger aircraft.  As far as rudder works goes whether it is tight Control Line Turns, Knife-Edge Snakes or just plain old Slips to landing, the Extra MX does them and does them smoothly. No mixing required, just kick out the rudder when you want it and the MX responds the way it should.

If you want to work on landings and basic aerobatics, the MX has a lighter wing loading and better flight characteristics than most “sport” planes. 

However, where this plane really kills competition is in no-holds–barred 3D madness! If you want to do Harrier Rollers, Waterfalls, eye-popping Knife-Edge Spins or jaw-dropping Tumbles, then you will want to get your hands on one of these!


For maximum aerodynamics, the aileron design and construction of this model is exceptional, made in such a way that the hinge gap is completely sealed. This is quite complex to produce: the ailerons fit into the wing trailing edge tunnels and are glued and pre-aligned in the factory. Despite the laborious production of this design, we decided to produce the ailerons this way, as it allows perfect aerodynamic flow over the airfoil and results in maximum efficiency of the control surfaces.


Needless to say, the Extra MX is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines. As any other PA model here too the two wings are removable with a CF wing tube and a CF sleeve which make the Extra MX a compact, durable, and easily transportable model.


In order to attain uniform performance for each and every model produced, we produce the planes on highly precise jigs. Each set of wings are matched individually to each fuselage (this is something most factories don’t do even in giant scales production). We assemble each airframe before shipping to ensure wing incidence, alignment and fit. All you need to do is bolt on the wings. The ailerons (as well as the stab/elevators) are already pre-hinged with the gaps sealed.


The Extra MX is one of the most complete ARFs available on the market:

  • Wings and ailerons are pre hinged and sealed!
  • Anti rotation pins are pre glued
  • The pre cut cowling is made of fiberglass and is reinforced with carbon fiber. Its aerodynamic design allows air to flow in and cool the motor, batteries and ESC for maximum setup efficiency. Two air scoops are also included in the kit.
  • Prefabricated tinted canopy and hatch is one unit attached to the model with very strong magnets.
  • The stiff CF landing gear is pre drilled and blind nuts are pre-installed in the fuselage for quick installation.
  • Pre glued motor box has the correct thrust line already built in and the firewall is pre-drilled ready for an outrunner installation.


Carbon fiber features

  • CF state of the art FiberFusion® construction
  • CF pushrods
  • CF main spar
  • CF wing tube
  • CF firewall locker
  • CF Leading edge
  • CF reinforced cowling
  • CF quality landing gear
  • CF aileron trailing edge
  • CF CNC machined battery tray
  • CF CNC machined control horns
  • CF motor cage reinforcements
  • CF wing and fuselage sleeve/spar
  • CF pre installed elevator trailing edge reinforcements
  • CF reinforcement in the wing servo bays
  • CF anti-rotation wing pins (pre installed in the factory)


1300W and 10lb Thrust on 2200mah!

How is this possible to get so much for so little? It is a little magic and a much understanding in Electrical Engineering. Electrical Power equals Voltage multiplied by Current. In most cases other mainstream manufacturers derive Power (Watts) by increasing the Amperage delivery of the battery packs and henceforth dictates the absolute need for large capacity pack in the order of 3200mah to over 5000mah to remain below the maximum C-rating of the packs and to obtain the desired minimum flight time. This means going big and expensive everywhere!


However the Power equation also states that increasing the voltage also increases the power without the need to increase the amperage delivery and thus only require low capacity packs in the order of 2200mah or so. Therefore going big the PA-way (which is usually the unconventional way) does not necessarily have to be expensive! 


There is an added advantage of going with a higher voltage; that is it lowers the amps and that translates to lower energy lost due to heat making the entire set up more efficient.

What about flight time? As understood, battery capacity is denoted by milliamps hours (mAH), therefore the lower the amps drawn, the longer the flight time would be!
In our preliminary beta test, we test flown our prototype drive system doing aggressive 3D/Freestyle for 5 minutes and only consumed approximately 66% out of the 2200mah packs giving a potential flight time (with the same style) up to 7.5 minutes!.



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