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Heather has written a series of articles on various
electric flight subjects that are published in our local
Hawkes Bay Radio Flyers 'PropWash' magazine.

January 2002 - "Introduction"
February 2002 - Brushed Motors
March 2002 - IC Kit Conversion
April 2002 - Flyin Reports
May 2002 - "Brushless Motors"
June 2002 - "Electronic Speed Controllers"
July 2002 - "Batteries"
August 2002 - To Gear or not to Gear
November 2002 - Unique Electric Aircraft Categories
May 2004 - What Motor?
E-Day 2004 Event Report
June 2006 - Looking After Your Lipo's

Tips & Tricks

Retiming a GWS EPS300C motor
Motor System Selection Chart
Shockflyer Motor Mount ideas
Brushless Motor Installation Guide

Test Reports

GWS P51-D Kit Review
Kyosho PT-17 Stearman Conversion
Mega RC400 Series Motor Data Sheet
Mountain Models Flashback Review
Filip 400 T-tail Glider Review
Motor Test Results Database
Building and Flying the Speed XP

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